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‘Museum Selection’ at m modern

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Palm Springs After Dark by Shag

An exciting exhibition in Palm Springs where m modern are opening their private collection for everyone to see.

Many of you have wondered what is in our personal art collection and since it would be far too difficult to have you all over to our house, we thought it appropriate to place some of our favorite pieces from this private collection in the gallery for all to see (for a limited time).
This is the result of 5 years of intensive collecting and showing these great artists. We hope you will enjoy these almost as much as we do.

Artists include:

SHAG (aka Josh Agle) * MARK RYDEN * GLENN BARR * GREG (CRAOLA) SIMKINS * TIM BISKUP * YUMIKO KAYUKAWA * Gary Baseman * Marion Peck * STONE * Eric White * Joe Vaux * JOE LEDBETTER * CHRIS RECCARDI * LYNNE NAYLOR * Daniel Martin Diaz * LUKE CHUEH * Ron English * PIZZ * BOB DOB * NAOTO HATTORI * Miles Thompson * Dave Burke * ROBERT POKORNY * Seonna Hong * GRIS GRIMLY * Tara McPherson * Thomas Han * Andrew Brandou * Korin Faught * JACLYN PRESANT * LIZ McGRATH * Morgan Slade * Dave Burke * LOLA * Nathan Spoor * JOEY REMMERS * Sean Christopher * JOPHEN STEIN * Mars 1 * Anthony Ausgang * Craig LaRotonda * Ewik * PAUL FRANK and many, many more…

m modern gallery:: 2500 N. Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

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