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Tim Biskup: Ether

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

by Tim Biskup
Very exciting! A Tim Biskup show of all new work, at Billy Shire Fine Arts
“ETHER” New Paintings, Prints and Objects

Images are online here

From Billy Shire:
In the middle of 2006 Tim Biskup took a dramatic stylistic detour. Long known for a cheery graphic style that was dubbed “Baroque Modernism” by LA design dealer Sam Kaufman, Biskup presented a collection of paintings entitled “Vapor” that could not have been any less cheery. The show, at Berlin’s Galarie Engler, Consisted of fifteen dark, brooding pieces, unadorned by frames. The subjects ranged from weeping girls who floated in front of hellish red backdrops to axe wielding monsters chanting the phrase, “Something Is Wrong”. Indeed!

Where did this new found doom emerge from? “Part of it was the state of my personal life. Things seemed to be falling apart and I was terrified” says Biskup. “I was a little shocked, frankly, when I painted the first few, but they looked how I was feeling.” The artist recounted a dream where his daughter was attacked by dragons. “I was in Barcelona at the time and just became totally freaked out. I was sure she was in some sort of danger. Everything turned out to be okay, but the feeling that something was wrong took hold. The ‘Vapor’ show was really about that feeling. It was about giving in to fear and seeing what it looked like.”

The show was widely hailed as a leap forward for the artist and the original paintings were quickly snapped-up by collectors. The demand was so intense, in fact, that two of the pieces were stolen off the gallery walls in broad daylight. the paintings have not been recovered since and there are no leads as to their location.

For the artist’s upcoming solo exhibition, his first in the Los Angeles area since his sold out “The Push Over” in 2005, he hopes to ratchet up the intensity even further. The installation will feature a massive fiberglass and steel sculpture as it’s central figure as well as several large scale paintings, bronze and vinyl figures and a series of new prints. There will also be a sound element to the show that Biskup claims may require earplugs!

Show runs May 26 – July 7, 2007
Billy Shire Fine Arts
5790 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232
Opening night reception on Saturday, May 26th, 2007 (7 – 10pm)

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