Derek Yaniger

Friday, November 7th, 2008

If you love beatniks, 50s retro and scratchy nib pen illustrations then check out Derek Yaniger‘s new book Wildsville.

Wildsville book cover, Derek Yaniger

Celebrating a retro subculture of tiki gods, hillbillies, and burlesque, this collection of Derek Yaniger’s incredible body of 1950s-style cartoon art is a must for all tiki and Kustom Kulture addicts, with more than 150 original paintings and illustrations. Derek’s illustration style, reminiscent of cocktail napkin art of the 1950s, delves into the retro world of beatniks, tiki bars, and Vegas glamour.

Buy it now: Wildsville: The Art of Derek Yaniger

Derek also has a show “The Cool and The Crazy” on at the fabulous Outre Gallery in Melborne

If you can’t see the show, buy a painting

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